About us


  • Gender:Female
  • Astrological Sign:Capricorn
  • Industry:Fashion
  • Occupation:Artist/Designer
  • Location:La Ciudad de la Ruina : Califas : United States

I am an artist, designer, wordslinger and lead screamer who is inspired by the sounds of the rock & roll underground and have always had a passion for the fashion of Christ. I speak my mind, eat meat, wear leather and my favorite shade of lipstick is blood red. I am happily married and currently live in Silverlake, California with my husband/guitar player of 9 years Mick Murphy. My Ruin is my religion.

I have lived my life with a DIY ethic from my art to my music and like my music, BGD is a labor of love. My designs are not available in any stores except this one because I want the people who buy my creations to be the same people who listen to my music and understand who I AM as an ARTIST.

I embrace the flaws and variations of each piece I create and I do not follow any rules. I adore things with a lot of charm and character even if that means they have a few scratches. Many of my jewelry pieces involve hand painting, stamping, wire work, staining, oxidizing, punching and reassembling.

My mission with BGD is to remain committed to following my heart and my own particular vision which will always remain unmoved by trends. My collections are based on my mood and my prices are based on the time and detail invested in designing each piece created. My collections will constantly be evolving and I will add new items for sale to my store as often as I can and /or on special occasions. Thank you for visiting my other world and remember, in a world filled with copycats