Welcome to Blasphemous Girl Designs, my new website/blog and the new home for my online boutique store, gallery, and fashion/music related musings. BGD is an eclectic range of one of a kind deconstructed and sometimes reconstructed custom hand crafted jewelry and clothing designs, limited edition conversational pieces and covet-worthy sacred adornments and wearable art created for the individual at heart.

The Company

BGD began as a cathartic accident a few years back when I was designing merch for my band MY RUIN. Named after one of the first songs I wrote & recorded for MR [on Speak & Destroy in 1999] after leaving Tura Satana, ‘Blasphmeous Girl’became my personal anthem, motto and trademark in more ways than one.

BGD is not about being irreverent with my designs. It’s more about being subversive and sacrosanct. I enjoy manipulating and mixing images and I love to hunt, gather, recycle and rehabilitate found objects both new and used to help me create unique and unexpected thematic assemblages in the form of jewelry & clothing. Sometimes I even gather my materials from kind friends who allow me to enter their Las Vegas garage doors to scavenge for stuff they already think of as trash, but still serve a purpose to me and to many of my patrons.

My collections are dramatic and each original handmade piece and spiritual accessory tells a story and makes a statement, not just about the person who made them but the person who wears them. It is unique and serves more often than not as a representation of the personality of the wearer. I am heavily inspired by religious imagery, icons and rock & roll culture which I often romanticize and combine within my designs which are all very personal to me and often times hard to part with. It may look blasphemous to some, but it is an artistic symbol made to inspire and to make a difference.

My Products

In terms of the designs for my products, I incorporate a variety of unique images within my designs but have stayed true to the things I often find myself drawn to and have collected myself through the years such as:

brass animal, valentine & fillagree stampings, metal & carved sacred hearts, reversed cabochans & vintage cameos, crucifixes, ex votos, milagros, mementos, roses, knives, medical instruments, shadow boxes, Mexican reliquary, plaques, rosaries, prayer cards, scapulars, shrines, liquor tags, medals, sick call boxes, last rites crosses, ephemera, skeleton keys, 70’s charms, religious antiquities, icons & devotional objects.

It is interesting to note that many of these I have collected from various places I’ve been. Some have been donated, while there rare items I especially sought from specialists themselves – going as far as travelling to the most remote places to acquire it.

You may wonder why I exhaust money and effort on this when one could claim that I could use other materials that are easier to find. But that’s where the uniqueness starts – in giving my patrons something they cannot just acquire from everyone. That’s how I stamp my signature in every little product I make. That’s how I make things invaluable. That’s why people keep coming back for more.

Interested? Browse through my website for my products.

Product design

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